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Video Conferencing Endpoint

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What is Best Video Conferencing Endpoint Companies | Video Conferencing Endpoint Solutions | Techpillar?

Now, any meeting room can be upgraded to a video meeting room with the help of an advanced video conferencing system. Even those who do not hold a technology degree can set up a video meeting room with the help of an easy-to-use video conferencing system that includes an assorted set of video conferencing endpoints.

Be it a small meeting space or a bigger boardroom, all can be upgraded to a video room using a video conferencing system with features like, auto focus, auto gain, smart-framing sensors, dual display support, and the support for multiple audio inputs.

So, get ready to use high-end video conferencing systems to fulfill your high-end video conferencing needs from the comfort of your office room.

If you’re looking for the best option of Video Endpoints for your IT requirement, check it out here with TechPillar’s product listing. You can easily search products and narrow down your requirement with the specifics in the left filter/navigation panel. Through our handy featured filters you can refine your search by Like, Relevance, Integrated VC room system, Maximum Camera Zoom, Multiple Microphones support, Integrated Multi-party Capability, Endpoint Bandwidth, Maximum Video Resolution, Wireless Content Sharing, Content Resolution, Local Video Conference Recording, Integration with Microsoft Lync2010 /Lync2013, Integration for Skype for Business and many more. 

Video Endpoints from Avaya, Cisco, Huawei, Vidyo, Polycom, Lifesize and many more are listed with detailed product features, specifications, warranty & licensing. 

With TechPillar’s Video Endpoints listing, you can find everything you need to create, upgrade and update your enterprise IT infra. With the click, you can view detailed comparison and request for a quotation. Our Technical experts will work with you to choose the right product suiting your business requirement, hence making a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A video conferencing endpoint requires a codec such as an H.264 or H.263 codec. It also requires a network connection that supports multimedia such as an H.323 or H.320 connection to IP or ISDN lines. Plus a video conference endpoint requires three very important additional items: a microphone, a speaker, and a display.

A computer can, and often does, have all of these components. Polycom's PVX software for Windows based PCs and X-Meeting for the Mac enable software clients on computer to act as video conferencing endpoints.

Room based Video End points are all-in-one video conferencing solution. Nowadays most ofthe Vendors also offers embedded multi-party conferencing capacity combining its room system endpoints. Usually, embedded MCU offers anywhere between 4 party to 9 party conferencing features.   

Room based conferencing offers unique conferencing experience and helps participants to feel like as in they are together in the same room with remote peers.

Room video conferencing solutions are usually hardware based that are installed, fixed and configured in meeting rooms or board rooms.

Room-based video endpoint unit communicates over the standards based protocol such as SIP or H.323 on IP. It does not require and additional software or hardware, to communicate with other endpoints.

Modern Room based Video Conferencing equipment supports variety of features which helps in driving regular days video communication between two  or more locations.It is important to understand the key features of a next generation video endpoint before investing in it. Some of the important features to consider are listed below:

Video Quality

A good system must support latest video compression protocols such as H.265 (High Efficiency Video coding) for saving upto 50% on bandwidth requirements. Other video compression techniques includes support for H.263, H.263+, H.263++, H.264, H.264 High Profile and Scalable video codec.

Camera Zoom and Microphone

It is important that end point should be provided with the PTZ camera to support wide-angle capability for group participation. Camera should be of atleast 5x/10x optical zoom or 20x/40x with digital. For better quality audio, system must offer sound clraity along with a microphones pod which isolates background noise. 

Recording & Multi-Party Conferencing

Recording of conference is one of the most important business requirement today, once recorded, real-time meeting can turn into a valuable asset, which can be further used to refer important notes, reviews, and training purposes. Few vendors offer local recording facility on the End point itself using a USB device.

Few modern video endpoint also offers built-in support for multi-party calls with up four to nine participants depending on the vendor and model, and does not require any external MCU (Multi-point Control Unit) capabilities to host multi party conference.

All-in-one Video Room Endpoints packaged with modern and useful accessories to complement any conference room. Following is a list of items usually come as part of the solution.

  • PTZ/Fixed Camera
  • 3-way Microphone Array Pod
  • Option of Advance Camera for better Optical Zoom and special mouting requirements
  • Embedded MCU functionality License 
  • Recording License
  • Usually vendors does not offer display with bundled with their offerings
  • Remote Control

(img source:Avaya scopia)

Mostly, Video Endpoints includes variety of Audio and Video interfaces to make sure better interop and integration capabilities. The few of the most common and important ones are listed below for reference.

Video inputs: HDMI, DVI-I

Video outputs: Dual HDMI for dual display

Audio inputs: HDMI, Microphone Array Pod (RJ-11),  3.5 mm line in jack for audio source (analog / digital)

Audio outputs: HDMI, 3.5 mm line out jack (analog / digital)

USB Ports: USB2, USB3

Network Interfaces: 10/100 or 10/100/1000 Base-T full-duplex (RJ-45)

It is very important to consider that what all features are being provided with Room Video Endpoints as part of its emdedded MCU functionality. The key and useful ones are listed below.

  • Support of both H.323 and SIP end point registration protocols to make sure better flexibility
  • Scalability to support 4 to 9 HD continuous presence participants
  • Support for Mobile and Desktop endpoints
  • Dial-in / Dial-out capabilities
  • Multiple presence layouts 

Huddle rooms are smaller conference rooms which have limited space for collaboration therefore generally equipped with cost effective video endpoints that are very easy to setup and use.

Nowadays, most of the Vendors have unique and dedicated offerings for Huddle rooms requirements, be it Vidyo, Huawei, Bluejeans etc. 

The important characteristics of a huddle room are:

  • 2-6 persons footprint Meeting room
  • little furniture or architectural requirements,
  • Multi-purpose, so it can serve meetings of many types and sizes
  • Equipped with low cost, easy to setup and troubleshoot technologies

(img source: vyopta) 

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