All You Wanted to Know about Accounting & Payroll Software

All You Wanted to Know about Accounting & Payroll Software

It is essential for an organization to have an accounting software that can add efficiency to different financial operations. Accounting software are not only necessary during tax payments or loan applications. Accounting and payroll software is also essential to maintain accurate records of income and expenses. Every enterprise needs the help of an accounting software, such as ProfitBooks, Intuit Quickbooks, and Reach Accounting software for its smooth financial operations. At the same time, it is necessary to have an idea about the essential features, type, and price of different accounting software to make an informed buying decision.

Types of Accounting Software

The type of the accounting and payroll software is the foremost important thing to consider for any businessperson.

On-Premise Accounting Software

  • The offline or on-premise accounting software is suitable for a handful of businesses. These applications can create only a few hundred invoices at a time. These applications are visible only on the desktop and grants access to limited users.

Hosted Accounting Software

  • The present-day Cloud-based accounting software requires no installation to run. The user may access the recorded data from anywhere through an Internet connection.
  • The majority of online applications receive automatic updates with/without any alteration in the subscription fee.
  • The Cloud-based applications make a copy of every datum and prevent the loss of sensitive information.
  • These applications provide optimum level of security and keep a variety of data synchronized. The Cloud-based accounting programs can integrate with other Cloud-based operations.

Subscription Rate & Hidden Costs

The online accounting programs are preferable choice for any businessperson of these days. The users need to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription for these software applications. It is necessary for the users to read the subscription form thoroughly before making any purchase.

  • The primary subscription rate may seem low with some software providers. They may charge additionally for any support or upgrade. The business-owners may benefit through the subscription packages that include servicing and upgrading charges.
  • The basic package may sometimes exclude the advance features necessary for complete accounting or management. The users may need to purchase add-on features to avail these services. It is necessary to check the basic features of the accounting software to avoid unnecessary expenses.


The accounting software needs to have adaptable features to suit the changing needs of any business.

  • These features customize the settings of the application as the business starts to expand. The software programs with rigid structures may fail to handle the future changes. In this situation, the user may need to upgrade or purchase an advance application. The software applications with customizable features save the uses from these additional expenses.
  • It is also time-consuming to transfer data from old system to new application. The accounting programs with scalability save businesspersons from pursuing this harrowing process.

Essential Features of Accounting Software

It is also necessary to purchase a software application that includes the maximum number of useful features.

  • The application needs to have the capability of creating invoices with customized looks and data.
  • It needs to track expenses, follow inward/outward stock movements and manage inventories.
  • It needs to record voucher entries and import bank transactions through bank reconciliation.
  • It needs to create purchase orders and record inventory purchases. It also needs to record account payables/receivables, trial balance reports, balance sheet and profit/loss statements.
  • The accounting software also needs to manage a list of vendors, customers and taxes.
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